Three are sides of the triangle, Sisters and maybe also your brother will celebrate 33 this year. Did you always also consider number 3 somehow magical? Mujbag Three will will constantly remind you that there are some mysteries which only some people can understand.

Tobacco pouch mujbag Three has the upper layer made from 100% cotton. Filters belong to the pocket on the back side of mujbag. This pocket is also made from cotton and closed by plastic zipper. For easier manipulation there is eyelet attache to the zipper. There is never enough of triangles, therefore you will find two more aside the pocket for filters.

Once you open mujbag Three, you will find the space for tobacco as such. For inner layer the black cotton was selected. With yellow leatherette pocket you will never forget where to find papers. You just need to slide the papers in this pocket and then you can take out one by one as the tissues from paper box.

Explore all the mysteries of the universe with mujbag Three.


- 16 x 9 cm

550.00 Kč
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