On The Edge

On The Edge is that mujbag which not only shines in your handbag but also brighten your whole day!

Upper layer of mujbag On The Edge is made from 100% cotton which is breaking from the yellow to the grey colour part. This mujbag closes two white buttons. What else? Grey plastic zipper closes the pocket for filters, which you will find on the backside. For easier manipulation there is the yellow eyelet attached to this zipper.

Papers have their place inside of mujbag. Insert the papers in the yellow pocket and take out the papers one by one. Tobacco as such put in the biggest pocket which is made from dark grey pocket.

Take the advantage of having all the proprieties in one place and extend your collection of bags with new design piece. Be organise.


- 16 x 9 cm

550.00 Kč
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