Chill out after busy day at the balcony and enjoy deserved evening cigarette? And how about Romeo? Is he going to climb up to light your cigarette as a real gentleman? If you going to roll your cigarette from mujbag Juliet, you wont's miss this evening romantic scene for sure.

Upper layer of tobacco pouch Juliet is made from dark blue suede. On the back side of mujbag, there is a pocket for filters where we attached the eyelet. You will open and close this pocket easier with it. Filter pocket closes the black plastic zipper.

Where to put the papers? Open the mujbag and you will find that place. Pocket for papers is made from dark blue suede and is decorated by the orange fabric. Slide your papers in this pocket and take papers one by one like the tissue from the tissue box.

For the inner layer we used the fabric in orange colour and tiny little dots so it's matching nicely the upper layer. The same way as Romeo matches Juliet.

And what is the end of this story? It's up to you! Will you fall in love with mujbag Juliet?


- 16 x 9 cm

550.00 Kč
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