I will make afternoon chill over the coffee more pleasant with cigarette rolled from mujbag IndiSummer. Or I might roll two actually. Or three? With mujbag IndiSummer I always have enough tobacco, filters and paper with me and I can fully enjoy afternoon sun of Indian summer.

For the upper layer of mujbga IndiSummer we used the yellow leatherette which is super easy to maintain. And will also brighten up your day. Turn mujbag and on the back side you will find the pocket dedicated for filters. This pocket is closed by yellow plastic zipper with cotton eyelet. It will be easier fo you to open and close this pocket.

The inner layer of tobacco pouch IndiSummer is made from red cotton with a pattern of flowers. The same fabric is used to decorate the pocket for papers. Slide easily the papers in this pocket and take simply one by one as you need. Whole mujbag IndiSummer is double stitched with yellow thread.

Do you have your rolled cigarette ready? Close mujbag IndiSummer with two dark metal buttons.

Do you have a feeling that the sun is not having the right power yet? Keep mujbag IndiSummer by you, it will warm you up!


- 16 x 9 cm

550.00 Kč
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