In the room

Problem that everyone knows about but no one wants to discuss. Not a case of mujbag In the room. That is for sure. But the naming was fitting our purpose so why don't us it.

Upper layer of mujbag In the room is made out of the old pink elastic cotton which is covered by white elephants. Cute ones, no? These elephants you can let in the living room. 

On the backside of mujbag you will find the pocket for filters closed by white zipper with little eyelet for easier manipulation. Whole mujbag is double stitched by pink thread and closed by white buttons.

Inner layer of mujbag In the room is made of whole fabric which is matching the upper layer full of white elephants. For paper pocket we used again the elephants fabric. 

With mujbag In the room you have all accessories for rolling your cigarette by hand no matter if you are heading to zoo or to the city center.


- 16 x 9 cm

550.00 Kč
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