I wanna be your photographer

Pictures, pictures, pictures. Do you like to enjoy cigarette after photo shooting? If so, you should better have mujbag with you.

Mujbag I wanna be your photographer has the upper layer made from checked cotton. Metal buttons which are closing this mujbag are covered by the same fabric. On the back side of mujbag you will find the pocket for filters. Plastic brown zipper is closing this pocket. Same way as you have the lenses in your photo bag, you will have the filters always with you.

Inside of the mujbag you will find the pocket for tobacco as such as well as pocket for papers. The inner layer of this mujbag is made from black cotton. Papers pocket is made from the same fabric which is used for upper layer.

Whole mujbag is double stitched by brown thread so it can serve you very long time.

When photo-shooting in a terrain, don't forget the lenses, filters and backup battery, but mujbag as well. Sometimes short break for cigarette can bring new original inspiration for next shot.


- 16 x 9 cm

460.00 Kč
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