Feel the trees

Feel the trees, now and for ever. Of course I do like the geometrical shapes, clean design and I like to roll cigarette when having coffee. Then yes, this piece is the right choice for me. Easily you can carry papers, filters and tobacco inside of the mujbag. Feel the trees is practical bag and aligned with my personal style.

Upper layer of this tobacco pouch is made from 100% cotton with a design of black abstract trees on white background. On the backside of mujbag you find the pocket made for filters. This pocket is closing the black plastic zipper. For easier manipulation when rolling cigarettes, we attached eyelet on the zipper.

Slip the papers in the pocket inside of mujbag. Once located, you can easily take one paper after other. Exactly the same as when you are taking tissues from the box. The inner layer of mujbag Feel the trees is made from 100% black cotton.

Once you close tobacco pouch mujbag, you can be sure that all the proprieties are hidden safely inside and you will lose not a single filter.

Whole mujbag is double stitched by black thread and closed by two buttons which are covered by the fabric used for upper layer.

Here we go, mujbag Feel the trees if necessary item into your handbag starting from today. No mater if for the trip into the forrest or for cup of coffee in the coffee place around the corner.

550.00 Kč
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