Follow the simplicity, but remain practical at the same time is the main purpose of mujbag Clipa.

Upper layer as well as the inner layer is made from black cotton. You will find pocket for filters on the back side of mujbag Clipa. This pocket is closed with plastic zipper. From today, you won't lose a single filter. For papers there is a special pocket which you will find once you open mujbag. Now, you only have to slide the paper in the pocket and you have it all set.

To close whole tobacco case mujbag Clipa, use two buckles attached to the black ribbons all over the mujbag. For higher protection, mujbag is double stitched by black thread.

Papers, tobacco, filters, click, click and you are good to go!


- 16 x 9 cm

460.00 Kč
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