last piece

Dear ladies, also your tobacco deserves to be safe. How about to get mujbag Chica? Your tobacco will love it. Why?

We used for upper layer of mujbag Chica the red fleece. Thanks to this material you will love to hold mujbag in your hand. Same fabric is used to cover the buttons which are closing this mujbag. To make it clear, this mujbag is meant to be for big girls which is hopefully visible from the front side of this mujbag.

Pocket for filters is placed on the back side of mujbag. For tobacco pouch Chica we have chosen brown plastic zipper and we also attached the eyelet for easier manipulation on it. Inner layer of filters pocket is made from brown cotton with white dots.

And how mujbag Chica looks like inside? Inner layer is made from brown cotton with white dots, pocket for papers is made from red fleece.

Make your tobacco happy and get him mujbag Chica.


- 16 x 9 cm

300.00 Kč 460.00 Kč
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