I am heading out. Taking my handbag, purse and mujbag, indeed! I would like to keep all my stuff in one place. That's what matters to me. Mujbag matters. The pink one matters the most.

The one which is having the upper layer made from leatherette in combination of pink and grey color. My favourite. White buttons are closing the whole mujbag. On the back side of mujbagu Celeé there is the pocket for the filters. These are needed too. Filters are safely located in the pocket which is closing the plastic zipper.

Let's have a look on the tobacco. I will pull out the tobacco of the pocket inside mujbag. This inner layer is made from black and white stripped cotton fabric. Let me pull out also the paper from the little pocket and roll my slim cigarette. So simple.

I am closing my mujbag Celeé and putting it back to my handbag. Mujbag will chill there until I will roll another slim cigarette.


- 16 x 9 cm

550.00 Kč
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