What and who is mujbag?   

Mujbag is a family.

It was always like that. 

And it will be.

Mujbag is also handmade tobacco pouch for those who like stylish accessories. Mujbags are designed the way to  entertain you for a long time.

We put a huge emphasis on the functionality, quality and a need to use our product for a long time. Every single piece is handmade. That means that mujbag you will get in your hands is a real original

In mujbag we believe in connecting different skills we have in our family to lead mujbag to success. Therefore already since 2011 we are designing and making tobacco cases for you. During Sunday's lunch we discuss new patterns for next mujbags, new fabrics and improvements. 

And it makes us happy. 

We hope that mujbag brings you pleasure too, we will do our best to continue.